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About Us

Darkson Designs started out as a one-man painting service of miniatures about 10 years ago. Then “Darkson” (Robert) met the “Designs” (Crystal) side of the business. She turned it from just a simple freelance painting service to a fully operational business. About a year ago we started playing with the idea of producing a painting guide. Robert has always wanted to see a non-company specific painting guide, since he felt it would be of value to him, as a painter. Crystal ran with the idea and made it a reality. In turn, we have had a great impact on the miniature community, and in helping to expose miniature lines and artists that people may not have been familiar with. Through the creation of the book and the great contacts made, Robert was able to branch out and do something he always wanted to do, create his own miniature line. From this idea AE-WWII, was born, (Alternate Events World War 2).

Robert Kingery
Creative Director

When Robert is not working hard as "Darkson" he serves in the United States Air Force as a Combat Videographer for the 4th Combat Camera Unit. Robert has been on many exciting missions doing historical documentation, most notable has been his recent tour in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Robert is also a Video and Art major and has been into painting miniatures for about 15 + years, which intrigued him to develop something of his own.

Crystal Kingery
Executive Director / Webmaster

Crystal is a Business major with working kowledge of software, technical support, web design and information technology for over 8 years. She is finally able to put all her working knowledge and skills into designing, publishing and operating Darkson Designs. Crystal is the driving force behind all that is Darkson Designs.

Shipping & Receiving

Well, well what can we say, she's a terror, a freak and has a ton of energy. She's the entertainment in the office and often helps with the shipping and receiving, not by choice though!


Energy, not a chance, not this lazy thing. She's a non-participant of Darkson Designs, execpt for the fact she demands food as her payment for doing nothing!

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