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Hobby & Game Industry Information


GAMA - Game Manufacturers Association
GAMA connects, supports, educates, and promotes the people and companies involved in the world of games.

GPA - Game Publishers Association
The GPA was formed to provide a forum for publishers in the adventure game industry, for the exchange of ideas and for providing mutual support and assistance.


Dragon Magazine
Dragon is the official source of information regarding all aspects of the Dungeons & Dragons hobby and provides D&D players with the tools, utilities, and excitement they need to raise the level of their play experience.

Dungeon Magazine
Dungeon provides an exclusive source for new official Dungeons & Dragons adventures, maps, and other necessary tools for Dungeon Masters, the most-dedicated players in the D&D hobby.

Historical Miniature Magazine
The magazine is totally dedicated to the growth and promotion of historical figure modeling. H M is considered to be one of the highest quality hobby magazines in the world and received one of only two four star ratings from the National Library Association when listed in their directory of hobby magazines produced in the US.

Military Miniatures in Review
MMiR is America's premiere magazine about the exciting world of miniature armor and accessories. Each issue is jam-packed with articles and how-to's on current and past armor releases. These features encompass straight new product reviews, as well as complete (and complex) detailing articles.

Wargames Illustrated
Wargaming magazine

White Dwarf
Monthly hobby magazine


For military scale modelers

Black Gobbo
A biweekly online magazine produced by Game Workshop's US Studio.

Fictional Reality
Fictional Reality is published quarterly and is packed with information and articles on role-playing and miniature warfare games. In each issue, you'll find articles on scenarios, painting guides, miniature reviews, game reviews, d20 product reviews, cartoons, contests, fiction, battle reports, and more.

Tabletop Gaming News
Daily news, reviews, and information for tabletop gamers of all interests.

TMP - The Miniatures Page
A web magazine for miniature wargamers.

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