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Odds and ends of just some cool stuff we'd like to share.

Pin Ups for Troops is publishing a book of classic pin ups with modern day models. Check out their site for a sneak peak of some photos.


Andrew Bawidamann - kick @ss pin up artwork and apparel.

Anne Moore - themed collage photos

Brota Oroian - with a name like Brota you have to be an amazing artist, check his stuff out. He had some large pieces painted on clear arylic that was incredible to see in person at ComicCon 06.

David Buckingham - contemporary metal scrap sculptures.

Lisa Prichard Wiscombe - Pin up art on ceramic tiles

Monkey Cadaver - great scary animal paintings

Ragnar Little Cartoons has some great artwork, we came across them at ComicCon 06.

Scott Miller - great art pieces full of color and texture.


Bookfinger - great selection of used, rare and out of print books.

Rigby & Gem - a Guberif Adventure - this is a great little childrens book about fire bugs and fire prevention. We've met the author and you can tell his heart and passion went into this book.


Quelf the board game - can't resist a game with Ninja Monkeys!

----------TOYS n STUFF----------

Plan B Toys - WWII Special Forces action figures, eat your heart out GI Joe!

Realm of the Rodent - Crycket the mouse and Otak the Rat, very cool concept and figures.

Rocket World - Gorillas w/ grenades, Jaguars w/ 9mm and Dolphins w/ mines. You gotta love killer animal toys. Oh and did we mention a Sasquatch with a chainsaw!!

Stupid Creatures - A new take on the old sock monkey.

Teddy Scares - Murderous teddy bears and creepy music, this site is not for the faint at heart.

VooDoo Baby - small 100% handmade cotton string voodoo baby dolls.

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